Active Spotlight

May 2021 Andrew Benecchi

Pledged in the Fall of'19

Hometown - Marietta

High School - Wheeler High School

Major - Statistics, Finance

Interesting Facts: My grandfather is the last full-blooded Italian in our family, and he has always been helpless in the kitchen; my father instead learned his love of cooking from his grandmother and I learned mine from him. Using a personal take on his pork rub recipe, I cooked almost 20 pounds of fall-off-the-bone Boston butt cooked sous-vide for 26 hours, served with sautéed onions and barbecue sauce, to celebrate the then-upcoming Phi Psi Week of Service.

Best/Funny Memory Being a Phi Psi: After we finished watching the away Auburn game the fall I pledged, a yellowjacket stung me so I be driven to the hospital. I caught a ride back from another brother straight to the post-victory festivities wearing a hospital gown over my gameday attire.

Best Thing About a Phi Psi: Brotherhood trips and long conversations on the porch during the summer

April 2021 Nicholas Oliver

Pledged in the Fall of'18

Hometown - Decatur, Georgia

High School - Druid Hills

Major - Business Management & International Business - Spanish

Interesting Facts: I’m essentially blind in my right eye. I am now a 4-time Intramural Sports Trivia champion. I once got lost in Phillips Arena when I was 4. In the final season the Braves played at Turner Field, I attended 79 of the 81 games, including the last ever game.

Best/Funny Memory Being a Phi Psi: Spring Break 2019 when everyone constantly did stupid things and almost got kicked out on the second day.

Best Thing About a Phi Psi: Enjoying everyone around me as brothers.