Alumni Spotlight

Richard at Initiation at Phi Psi in 1986

August 2022 Richard Sheffield

Rush Mentor

Pledged - Class of 1986

Major - International Business

Current Job - Sales

Life Update: Married, 3 children

Best/Funny Memory from College: Spring party

Advice to Actives: Enjoy your brothers. They will be some of the best friends throughout your life.

Wil at Phi Psi in the early 80s

September 2022 Wil Bosbyshell

House Corp President

Pledged - Class of 1980

Major - Graphic Design

Current Job - Artist

Life Update: In my art I'm working in pencil on a series of close, very detailed tree drawings. Visit my blog,

Interesting Fact(s): Artist and Army Veteran

Best/Funny Memory from College: The ice storm where brothers sledded in a canoe that was hit by a ladder.

Advice to Actives: Study hard. Learn how to work with your brothers and friends to solve problems.

In this recent picture is Tim Mitchell, Curt Collier, Ed Pinson and Richard Sheffield

October 2022 Ed Pinson

Chapter Advisor

Pledged - Class of '86

Major - Poultry Science

Current Job - Veterinarian

Life Update: Engaged to Karen - I have three kids- Andrew, Lauren and Emiliann. I look forward to adding Karen’s daughters Victoria and Ariel. I have a golden retriever, Murray and Emili’s cat Theo.

Interesting Fact(s): I’m excited about my upcoming wedding on June 24. Karen and I were high school classmates. Her older sister Theresa married my older brother Jim 31 years ago. We were reacquainted at our nephew Wil’s wedding. This is a real blessing and time of celebration for both of our families. We love our date nights and live music.

Best/Funny Memory from College: I have so many great memories and friendships it is hard to pick one. Spring break trips and being a part of the brotherhood were highlights of my fraternity experience.

Advice to Actives: Enjoy your time in Athens and at UGA. You will remember these days and friendships for the rest of your life.

November 2022 TBD

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Major -

Current Job -

Life Update:

Interesting Fact(s):

Best/Funny Memory from College:

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