Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Honoring Todd

Todd was an amazing son, father, and brother. We lost him too young, but we want to keep his memory alive and honor his life. The Wilson Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a male Georgia resident in the fall of their freshman year attending the University of Georgia - Athens. 

For any questions about the scholarship, email washburnt@gmail.com 


To be eligible to apply you must be a male Georgia resident enrolling at the University of Georgia as a freshman this fall. Deadline is May 10th each year.

The amount is guaranteed at $500, but will rise depending on donations. Last year the award amount was $1,200. The awardee will be announced in late May.

Click here to apply. It is suggested answers are crafted in a word processor and moved to the application. Note: there are character count limits. 

Looking to Donate?

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