President - James Avery

Year - Junior

About - James is currently majoring in Real Estate. James grew up in Milton, Georgia. He enjoys traveling, fishing, and playing tennis. In the future he plans to own his own real estate firm in north Georgia.

Role - The president of the fraternity has been entrusted by the brotherhood to fill the most important office in the chapter. Serving as the chapter's chief executive officer, the president must wear many hats. The president's duties include communicating with the housing core, Nationals, and alumni, as well as being the spokesperson for the chapter. To ensure he is effective in these roles, the president is considered a member of all committees and is kept up to date on all official business. The most important role the president plays is the inspirational leader of the chapter.

Contact - 404 - 360 - 6873

Vice President - Oliver Atwood

Year - Senior

About - Oliver is a Plant Biology major from Suwanee, Georgia. He hopes to one day be engineering hydroponic systems. He is currently doing undergraduate research in the UGA nematology lab.

Role - The vice president plays a key role in the structure and organization of the chapter. The vice president's duties include leading the governing committee, overseeing all committee chairmen, and ensuring all the chapter's operations are running as efficiently as possible. He also steps in to fill the President's role if he is unavailable.

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Treasurer - Roarke Cummings

Year - Senior

About - Roarke is an exercise science major from Decatur, Georgia. He enjoys working out, spending time with friends, and working for UGA's fitness center.

Role - The treasurer is the chief financial officer of the chapter. He is in charge of all financial affairs that pertain to the operation of the chapter. The treasurer must be a responsible, mature, and qualified individual because of the nature of this position. His duties include preparing a yearly budget, keeping records of all financial transactions, filing the chapter's taxes, and collecting chapter house rent.

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Corresponding Secretary - Jordan Litteral

Year - Junior

About - Jordan is a 3rd year from Newnan, Georgia. He is studying Economics with a minor in Fashion Design. He plans on attending law school in the future. Jordan is also a leader at UGA Esports.

Role - The corresponding secretary of the chapter is similar to a public relations director. He attends to all chapter correspondence, except for what relates to the treasurer. Since many individuals may only have contact with the chapter through written or electronic communication, the corresponding secretary must go to great lengths to ensure the chapter is being represented in a way that reflects the values of Phi Kappa Psi. He is also in-charge of reporting new members and keeping an accurate record of actives, inactives, and alumni.

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Wil Bosbyshell President

OPEN Treasurer

Kevin Baer VP

Tim Mitchell VP

Tyler Williams Secretary

Patrick Ferguson Fundraising

Mike Crane Scholarship

Luke Oliver Fundraising

Scott Coulter House Grounds